Preparedness, crisis management and communication

In a world where a rapidly increasing share of services, transactions and mission-critical processes are digitalised and exposed to the Internet, cyber security represents a significant risk to the business and its stakeholders – to the utmost consequence for the entire community.

Nord & Bremtun AS – Cybersecurity Communication – is a specialized company that helps companies to map and handle cyber security challenges (CS) and unwanted ICT events.

Our goal is to make our clients better able to prevent and handle cyber attacks, data breaches and information loss.

Our efforts and insights are concentrated on three processes:

Map legislation and regulations, relevant authorities and statutory requirements and duties.

Clarify and process expectations from government, regulatory authorities, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Establish cyber security contingency plan (CS plan) with clear governance and exercise routines.

In an emergency situation, there is a lot of unpredictability, but with planning, preparedness and  preparations made it will be a lot easier to allocate resources and attention in the direction where it is most needed. Otherwise, one single crisis may lead to new ones.